the Neve info on this site has grown organically and a bit randomly... fits and starts

NEVE "Eight Oh" Consoles

Neve pdf folder HERE with various docs

Neve folder THERE in site's main pdf folder

by the numbers... in the pre-1980 80xx Neve era most everything was defined by a four digit product number. You'll see plenty of modules that have a five digit number starting with a 3... like the 31102 channel amplifier found in 8068 desks. The leading 3 indicates a new paint color and styling... so there are 1081's and 31081's... they are 1081's. Amplifier and pcb boards were three digits and here I added a leading 0. The use of B on some pcb's and BA on others is not entirely consistent.

0100-0999 B and BA boards

1000-1199 Channel Amplifier modules

1200-1299 Amplifier modules (mostly)

1450-1499 Oscillator modules

1750-1799 Miscellaneous

1850-1999 Switching modules

2050-2099 Correction modules

2250-2299 Compressor modules

I got this far in the file drawers and had to stop and do something else- that was a few years ago. At some point I will motivate to fill in some more info here.