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Tech Mecca, John Klett

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Coral Sound, Matt Marinelli
Eisen Audio, Jens Jungkurth
F.M.Design, Francis the Man Manzella
Guilford Sound, Mr. big-D Snyder
Mavericks Recording, Bobby Lurie
NonLinearAudio, a group effort
Purple Audio, Andrew Roberts


Aug/sep 2017 - from the screen of John Klett

Hey! yes I know this site is pretty low-gear site - lacking flashy pizzazz...
I guess I developed some 'bad' habits in the mid-90's and carried them forward

there is various news - busy - normal
I tend to update my LinkedIn profile every few months

and if you are not on LinkedIn here is a pdf of that

couple news items for fun

just took a couple weeks off in Stockholm - totally screwed up my studio/shop tan

NonLinearAudio™ has produced a partial run of BLENDA modules which are available - more coming

NonLinearAudio™ has also produced a short run of ten Isolator i3r Three Band Infinite Cut Stereo Isolator EQ units.
The Isolator i3r is a studio quality DJ oriented product designed by Abby Echiverri - it's pretty awesome. These are
out for evaluation and available for purchase - contact Abby off the Isolator i3r product page.

...been working with John "GlowPuppy" Terelle co-engineering-producing some "sides" for Blue Jazz TV (BandCamp, SoundCloud)
We are releasing four sides on two 12" Vinyls - have the test pressings in hand and they sound good so those should be
pressed and available, October? . . . waiting on cover and label art.

...been doing some bench repair work - not a lot - not much time for it - but some various things have come and gone

other stuff - blah blah blah


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