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Tech Mecca: technical audio consulting, tech
and studio engineering services since 1997

John Klett: all of that plus some... since 1977

Current and Recent: updated june/July 2016

some TechMecca projects...

||•... recently completed - Hyperballad Music is a new facility build just opened in East Williamsburg, BK (Bushwick, really). My part covered facility design, consultations around acoustical items, clean power systems, and some technical oversight for audio systems and monitor setup. The equipment care, move from the original Smith Street location and new systems installation was handled by Jens Jungkurth of Eisen Audio. The facility is up and running and features a large control room equipped with Neve 8014 and BCM10 consoles, ATC SCM-50 monitors, a live room, two production studios and a generous lounge area with a nice kitchen/bar type thing going on... right next to City of Saints Coffee Roasters so the beans are always fresh.

||•... recently or almost completed - I worked with John Terelle to co-engineer/produce four "sides" for BlueJazzTV. We recorded the band over 4 days last summer 2015 at Guilford Sound in Vermont. We recently went back to mix four of seven tracks from that session and everyone came away with smiles. This was pretty fun for me since I helped put Guilford Sound together technically and we were using a lot of NonLinearAudio devices which I had some hand in making happen. I am well pleased with how those projects worked out (the studio and the gear, from a user perspective) and I feel pretty good about the results musically and sound-wise for BlueJazzTV. I think the last time Terelle and I actually recorded and mixed together was when we were in the Hawaiian Pups. It was a multi-dimensional event. Now on to mastering and pressing.

||•... currently and for the last few years - a big and beefy vinyl-only hi-fi playback system, Despacio Sound System, conceived and piloted by James Murphy and 2manyDJs, debuted at the Manchester International Festival in 2013. The system has been appearing at various venues and festivals since, including Sonar by Day 2014, Glastonbury Festival 2014, Electric Picnic 2015, LoveBox 2015, the Camden Roundhouse venue in London 2014 and 2015, and six days or 40+ running hours at Coachella 2016. We have one more event in the states (that I know about) coming up later in July 2016 in NYC at the Panorama Festival. My original role in this project was taking the design ethos from James Murphy, making a system design, working with a team assembled to do the build and getting the system up and running for M.I.F.. From then on I am at every show as technical audio guy and f.o.h..

||•... currently - some custom projects, a private studio build, with custom analg mix console and custom large monitor system for an artist/producer in Brooklyn.

||•... currently - doing some spot consultation on several other projects including a barn conversion to an office/writing/recording studio for which I am providing guidance on acoustics, clean power distro, wiring and installation... several others.

||•... currently - the NonLinearAudio™ project designs and manufactures interesting and useful audio products for music and recording. Tech Mecca and Eisen Audio started working together on this in 2011. We offer up our collective take on musical processing gear and utility equipment for recording and production.

||•... 2015 - executed a 44 channel audio playout system for an art installation at the U.N. that was up during the big General Assembly meeting and Papal visit in September.

||•... 2014-2015 - for Diamond Mine Recording, a project-based analog recording/mix studio in Long Island City - facility design and layout, acoustical, electrical design/specification for this, roughly 1500 square foot, studio build in an industrial loft space in Long Island City. and in 2015 it's a couple more things ... some analog tape machine work and upgrades to the control room monitors.

||•... 2014 - for Kickstarter, design and spec acoustical treatments for a multi-media and live presentation theater at new headquarters Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

||•... 2014 - for United Visual Artists' Momentum project that debuted in Barbican Curve Gallery, London, 2014 - provided consultation and spec for acoustical labyrinth speaker device "pendulum bob"... with Don Fierro at Hakanai to refine and produce 3D print of device that UVA replicated for this work.

• regular and ongoing studio/sound/audio support/consulting/tech services - on a limited "short list" basis

• product/project development/design guidance/support - projects large and small - pretty busy this year

• recording, mix and mastering - I do music projects at a pace and frequency that keeps it alive and interesting and fun.

• on site consultations about studios, listening rooms, production facilities, acoustics, power for audio, monitor and playback systems, analog studio systems consoles and tape machines, "gear", classic and vintage analog recording, mixing and processing equipment... yes... much of the time clients just need some direction and other times it turns in to a project... contact

• in shop tech service/repair, Carmel, NY ... I do take some things in to repair or upgrade but the turn-around time is often slow.


3 July 2016

John Klett
Tech Mecca, Inc.
Carmel, NY 10512



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