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Tech Mecca: technical audio consulting, tech
and studio engineering services since 1997

John Klett: all of that plus some... since 1977

Current and Recent: updated March 2015

some TechMecca projects...

||•... currently and since 2013 (or 2010 when the conversation started?)... Despacio Sound System original system design spec and ongoing technical direction with james murphy and 2manyDJs... debuting at the Manchester International Festival in 2013, various events and festivals in 2014, and now going in to 2015.

||•... currently ... recording mix music writing and production studio in Brooklyn, NY. technical design spec and guidance across various aspects: sound isolation, acoustics, clean technical power conditioning and distribution, wiring, patch, interface, interconnect, custom large control room monitor system... and a custom mix desk which is it's own project.

||•... currently ... a custom 64 input analog mix desk, two "500" slots per input channel, ten aux sends, three stereo mix buses for the Brooklyn studio mentioned above. This is a collaborative project between Tech Mecca, Ocean Audio (UK) and NonLinearAudio (NYC). The frames and inputs are built and these and the rest of the system will meet up and get to know each other over the next several months.

||•... currently ... NonLinearAudio™ designs and manufactures interesting and useful audio products for music and recording. Tech Mecca and Eisen Audio started working together on this in 2011. We offer up our collective take on musical processing gear and utility equipment for recording and production. NonLinearAudio™ will be exhibiting at the AES show in NYC, Javits, this fall 2015. We will show the three "500" module products we have in production today plus anything else that is done and available to bring with us. By then we will be shipping a new 4 band "console" plus filters EQ designated as EQT503... and some other things...

||•... last year - for Diamond Mine Recording, a new project-based analog recording/mix studio in Long Island City - facility design and layout, acoustical, electrical design/specification for this, roughly 1500 square foot, studio build in an industrial loft space in Long Island City. and in 2015 it's a couple more things ... some analog tape machine work and upgrades to the control room monitors.

||•... last year - for Kickstarter, design and spec acoustical treatments for a multi-media and live presentation theater at new headquarters Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

||•... last year - for United Visual Artists' Momentum project that debuted in Barbican Curve Gallery, London, 2014 - provided consultation and spec for acoustical labyrinth speaker device "pendulum bob"... with Don Fierro at Hakanai to refine and produce 3D print of device that UVA replicated for this work.

• regular and ongoing studio/sound/audio support/consulting/tech services - on a limited "short list" basis

• product/project development/design guidance/support - projects large and small - pretty busy this year

• recording, mix and mastering - I do music projects at a pace and frequency that keeps it alive and interesting and fun.

• on site consultations about studios, listening rooms, production facilities, acoustics, power for audio, monitor and playback systems, analog studio systems consoles and tape machines, "gear", classic and vintage analog recording, mixing and processing equipment... yes... much of the time clients just need some direction and other times it turns in to a project... contact

• in shop tech service/repair, Carmel, NY ... not my prime activity for 2015. I do take some things in to repair or upgrade but 2015 is going the be firmly packed and nearly all I am working on, when I have time around what is described above, is backlog from 2014. I've moved my shop again (early Feb) and have more space but most of the activity there, through October, will be around custom work and pre-build for one client and, maybe, reworking some of my own gear that I need to use in my own studio... and it's about time... see here for alts or drop me a line.


12 March 2015

John Klett
Tech Mecca, Inc.
Carmel, NY 10512



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