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Tech Mecca: technical audio consulting, tech
and studio engineering services since 1997

John Klett: all of the above plus some... since 1977

Current and Recent: updated May 2014

says klett...


I'm working on a number of things all the time - as usual - so in effect there is no real news here...

• ongoing nonlinearaudio project. this is a joint effort of Tech Mecca and Eisen Audio (Jens Jungkurth). nonlinearaudio offers up our take on musical processing gear and utility equipment for recording and production. we are developing and rolling out a range of products under the nonlinearaudio brand as well as doing design and manufacturing for a few others who share similar views on what is musical and useful. we have several products shipping and several more in pre-production alpha test that are looking and sounding good. add to this our custom projects... 2014 is looking to be an interesting year for nonlinearaudio.

• studio builds and other projects...

||•... ongoing/current to complete this year 2014... a new build private home record mix music writing and production studio in Brooklyn, NY - providing design guidance and specification, sound isolation, acoustics, clean technical power conditioning and distribution, wiring, patch, interface, interconnect, custom 64 input analog mix desk, custom monitor system.

||•... recent and ongoing involvement with the Despacio Sound System.

||•... recently completed a small fast track facility build in an industrial loft space, roughly 1500 square feet, for a new project-based analog recording/mix studio in Long Island City called The Diamond Mine - provided facility design and layout, acoustical, electrical design/specification and on-site tracking of the project as it proceeded.

||•... recently completed - at the new Kickstarter headquarters in Greenpoint, Brooklyn - provided design/spec of acoustical treatments for their multi-media presentation theater through Ole Sondresen Architect.

||•... recent - for United Visual Artists' Momentum project that debuted in the Barbican Curve Gallery, London, 2014 (currently to 1 June)- provided consultation and spec for an acoustical labyrinth speaker device "pendulum bob"... working with Don Fierro at Hakanai to refine and produce the 3D print that UVA replicated for this work.

||•... last year - re-work of an existing label-owned mastering and media presentation space integrating a writing/composition/sound-design component - advised re ergonomic layouts and various acoustical and wiring issues.

||•... last year - for engineer/producer/musician John Terelle, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn - conversion of a 300 square foot apartment space in to a private audio post and music writing/production studio nicknamed "Glowpuppy" - custom ergonomic work surfaces, equipment integration patch and wiring... currently following up with help upgrading some hardware equipment, as well as ProTools.

• creative projects... I love interesting projects that work the creative synaptic mesh, doing new things, opening up or helping to create new paradigms and forms. I devote significant time and energy in to thinking about and trying new ideas, researching, developing, creating and re-creating, exploring, discovering, rediscovering, hybridizing... this manifests as new approaches to old problem sets or first attempts at something new or blends of the orthodox and untried or unconventional... it's hard to quantify what I end up getting in to because I often don't know myself until it happens... my involvement in Momentum, described above, fell out of a conversation at an after show party... the Despacio project seems to have fallen out of a years-long meandering conversation with a friend of mine about old speaker systems.

• in shop tech service/repair (Carmel, NY)... as a background activity I take in a limited flow of other people's kit to work on in my home/shop, and on occasion I make guest appearances at Coral Sound's Exile Shop. I am not actively promoting service and repair as a prime activity and my turnaround time ranges from quick to terrible, however if one is willing to wait I am happy to do the work when I can.

• regular and ongoing studio/sound/audio support/consulting/tech services, and product/project development/design assists to a handful of customer-friends...

• recording, mix and mastering - I do music projects and other fun stuff at a pace and frequency that keeps it alive and interesting and fun.


10 May 2014

John Klett
Tech Mecca, Inc.
Carmel, NY 10512



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